China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair (“CBD Fair (Guangzhou)”) is presently the world’s largest exhibition in this field, jointly hosted by China Foreign Trade Centre (“CFTC”) and China Building Decoration Association, organized by China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd. (“CFTE”) and supported by China National Forest Products Industry Association and China Furniture & Decoration Chamber of Commerce. It takes place annually at China Import & Export Fair Complex and Poly World Trade Center Expo on July 8-11.

CBD Fair (Guangzhou) is the “Debut Platform for Champion Enterprises” in the industry. It covers the themes of the entire industry chain with its unique characteristics. Almost all premium brands in the building decoration sector participate in CBD Fair (Guangzhou). The exhibition is not only an “all-round champion” covering the entire industry chain, but also a “single leader” in each subdivided theme.

CBD Fair (Guangzhou) is committed to creating the “Debut Platform for Innovative Ideas” in the industry. Each session keeps close to industry hotspots and development trends and works with the industry organizations, media, famous enterprises, experts and scholars to hold nearly 60 influential high-end conferences and forums, providing a platform for full communication and commercial transformation for innovative ideas in the industry.

CBD Fair (Guangzhou) is committed to creating “a design ecosystem in the building decoration industry”. During the exhibition, a number of large-scale design theme exhibitions and design conferences & forums are held to form an ecological closed loop with the display of front-end design concepts in the industry, the commercial conversion and application of mid-end design works, the display of back-end design works as well as the exchanges of design ideas and industry, boosting the transformation, upgrade and further development of the building decoration industry.

CBD Fair (Guangzhou) offers the four themed sectors of “Intelligence, Customization, System & Design” according to industry trends and market demand: Intelligence: Intelligent Home Furnishings, Intelligent Locks, Home Furnishing Hardware, Integrated Kitchen, Integrated Customization, Clothes Hanger System, etc. Customization: Customized Home Furnishings, Customized Home Furnishings + Interior Decoration, Wooden Doors, Integrated Customization + Quick Installation, Customized Sanitaryware, Customized Home Furnishing Materials & Accessories, Machinery, etc. System: System Doors & Windows, Aluminum Alloy Doors & Windows, Entrance Doors, Door & Window Accessories, Quick-installed Wall Panels, etc. Design: High-end Customization & Assembly, Whole Wood Home Decoration, Villa Decoration Customization, Premium Wall Coatings, etc.

CBD Fair (Guangzhou) takes place annually and is fixed for opening on July 8 each year. It has developed into a great event in China’s building decoration industry in a historic and market-oriented manner on this day. It brings together dealers, designers, real estate developers, building decoration builders and industry media from all over the world in Guangzhou to explore business opportunities and seek common development.

With a scale of 300,000 square meters, the 22nd CBD Fair (Guangzhou) on July 8-11, 2020 attracted nearly 1,600 exhibitors from 24 provinces (municipalities) across China, continuing to rank first among the domestic and global similar exhibitions in terms of scale, and saw better quality than the previous session in some aspects. More than 60 high-end conferences and forums were launched during the exhibition. There were 187,962 professional audiences.

In terms of scale, quality and reputation, CBD Fair (Guangzhou) has fully demonstrated the glamor of a state-level exhibition. It boasts the most influential exhibition organization structure in China's building decoration sector, the largest scale, the widest range of themes for the entire industry chain and the most representative brands in the industry that showcase the latest products, designs, technologies and trends.

CBD Fair (Guangzhou)’s goal: To be the world’s number one exhibition in the building decoration industry.