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    Windows & Doors System
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    BARCELONA N112 Series Casement Window

Basalana n112 series exterior windows are designed with sound insulation, heat insulation and broken bridge aluminum alloy cavity, with strict vertical isotherm, which can effectively isolate heat and reduce noise transmission. The selection of high pressure high-quality original aluminum, delicate metal texture, combined with the smooth design of the inside and outside facades of the window sash, create a minimalist style and free space rhythm. The whole window is sealed by three ways. The whole sealing performance of doors and windows is good, and the sound insulation and heat insulation are good. The corner joint adopts pin corner code glue injection connection to improve the compression resistance of corner seal, which is stable and reliable. Hidden isobaric drainage, strong sealing waterproof technology, efficient anti leakage, no fear of rainstorm days. The complete locking system of weihagen hardware accessories brand in Germany, with children's safety lock, improves the overall safety of doors and windows. Intimate safety corner design, humanized care in the details.

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Guangdong DERCHI Doors & Windows co., ltd