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The design inspiration of G3 is derived from the concept of "hiding" in Chinese architecture. The changhong glass under the blue cabinet body is full of Oriental aesthetics and romance of light luxury. It is slightly decorated without any deliberate feeling, and meanwhile it has privacy space.

G3 USES Chinese style "to" form fine box design and excellent technique of the lacquer that bake, 15 senior match colors, every detail of the arrangement, present a person feel comfortable atmosphere, copper wire drawing fillet framed, phnom penh ornament, yi yi is unripe brightness, bright color plating shake handshandle heightening handle of the lacquer that bake, table and door and so on the many kinds of the use of antibacterial material, carry on a fully functional aseptic smart devices, noble temperament, practical function, considerate and chic and elegant, just the right amount of light and decoration style seems inherently has the charm of a natural blend in each family; Changhong glass high wine cabinet, built-in pour table, wine, freedom, comfort, exquisite, to reduce the health hazards, let the details add by, is the light luxury of the Oriental wisdom of life.

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Xiamen Goldenhome Co., Ltd.
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