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    Windows & Doors System
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    ViewMax high performance doors and windows

The biggest differentiation of ViewMax is the differentiation of high-performance doors and Windows.

The products cover energy-saving silent Windows, safe silent Windows, passive doors and Windows, flat doors, sliding doors, intelligent entrance doors, energy-saving curtain wall sunshine room,intelligent security system and other series, which meet people's omni-directional and multi-level needs.

ViewMax has more powerful ability than other doors and Windows, appearance design leads the fashion trend, internal structure is solid and practical, sound insulation, thermal insulation, waterproof, windproof and moistureproof are all fine, open smooth and flexible, light and durable, and in silent, energy saving, safety, beauty, durability, intelligent and other aspects of continuous innovation.

ViewMax adopts automatic hot melt film covering technology, and strives to make life more beautiful by providing personalized door and window appearance choice.

It adopts high-quality film covering, beautiful appearance and diversified styles, and users can customize according to the decoration style and aesthetic requirements.

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ViewMax Windows and Doors Co.,Ltd
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