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    Smart Home
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    Smart lock

A new smart lock jointly created by Kaadas and Lamborghini The Legend.

It’s not only inherits the supercar genes in appearance to be shown as being noble and luxury, but also adopts the IML technology to keep it new with long time usage.

Adopted with 7.6°curved surface design, it fits the palm well and brings a thrill of a quick unlocking for a more user-friendly experience.

Holding the inside handle with built-in sensor can unlock and lock easily and fastly, while integrated design prevents others from intruding.

Smart networking mode with WiFi connection gets rid of gateway pairing and brings the smart experience of APP remote control. Various access ways (Fingerptint, PIN code, Card, APP Remote Control and Mechanical Key) make life more intelligent and free you from the limitations of time and space.

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Shenzhen Kaadas Intelligent Technology co.,Ltd.
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