Debut After the Pandemic, Voice of Champions—Winning in the Second Half of 2020


In the process of national economic recovery, how can the building decoration industry and the upstream & downstream enterprises use the first industry exhibition after the pandemic, namely the CBD Fair (Guangzhou) 2020 that will open on July 8 to restart the industry’s growth in the second half of the year?

In the afternoon on June 8, CBD Fair (Guangzhou) worked with to hold the “Debut after the Pandemic, Voice of Champions-----Winning in the Second Half of 2020” Online Salon, focusing on such contents as debut for revival after the pandemic, new marketing channels of model enterprises and new growth space in the second half of 2020.

Message from the Host

Liu Xiaomin, General Manager of China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation 

The CBD Fair (Guangzhou) 2020 will take place on July 8 as scheduled. This is the first industry exhibition after the pandemic and our constant contract with the building decoration industry each year. Recognized as the industry’s “Debut Platform for Champion Enterprises”, CBD Fair has always provided an excellent platform for the champion enterprises in the industry and those committed to becoming champion enterprises to present their new products, new designs, new technologies, new materials and new strategies. It is also the original intention and mission of CBD Fair. Though the pandemic has a certain extent of impact on the exhibition, it has not shaken the entity of the exhibition that still maintains a large scale, a relatively complete industry chain and higher quality, committed to creating an ecosystem for the industry design and achieving new channels for design empowerment, and strengthens the pandemic prevention and control on the exhibition site. Welcome to join CBD Fair (Guangzhou) on July 8 for a safe, healthy and fruitful event!

Theme Sharing:

Liu Zeqin, Vice President of Suofeiya

E-commerce traffic in the building materials and home furnishing industries is presently increasing with new channels in rise and natural customers in decline. Under the changes in consumption characteristics and traffic entrances, enterprises should actively seek three breakthroughs: First, upgrade and transform business models, consolidate main tracks, open up new tracks and connect the public and private domain traffic so as to make breakthroughs in terms of inventory market, incremental market and fully furnished house. Second, make breakthroughs in brand and product upgrades and win consumers’ hearts and minds in experience and looking. Third, digital upgrades to achieve the transition from easy to hard, from front end to middle and back ends, from self-owned ecology to open ecology.

Zhang Yan, Vice General Manager of TATA

During the pandemic, TATA has adjusted its operating methods, and its working methods and offline activities have been switched to online, establishing three intelligent platforms including internal management platform, supply chain platform and financial system. The entire marketing system has also changed the mechanism with effective coordination at different levels from factory to dealers. We empower dealers with new management tools, marketing system, live broadcast system, new media and supply chain system. Manufacturers and dealers work together to achieve a win-win situation.

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Chen Yueling, Vice President of Mexin Group:

We thank CBD Fair for supporting Mexin. Compared with the same period last year, we saw an increase in our sales income by 18% in April 2020 and by 9% in May. Such growth benefited from our internal and external efforts and incentive mechanisms. Though sales in retail stores have declined during the pandemic, our orders for premium entry doors, security doors, commercial doors and engineering have increased significantly. We will attend CBD Fair (Guangzhou) 2020 with the latest premium products. We are full of confidence. Mexin has been dedicated to making doors for so many years. As long as we do one thing with dedication, we can do well.

Qiu Wensheng, General Manager of Phonpa Doors & Windows Marketing Center:

CBD Fair (Guangzhou) to be held as scheduled is the biggest surprise for the industry. Phonpa has attended CBD Fair for 10 consecutive years, and this session is more meaningful because it reflects the industry’s constant recovery. As a representative of premium soundproof doors and windows, Phonpa has shown the growth effect of the industry’s leading brand since May. It will make a stunning appearance in CBD Fair (Guangzhou) through cooperation with famous design institutions in July and launch new products, leading the future development trends of doors and windows. Phonpa is full of confidence in the exhibition.

Liu Zhidan, Sales Director of Philips Smart Locks:

Judging from the general trend of the housing industry and national policy adjustments in recent years, the development of the smart home furnishing and smart lock industries is irreversible. Inheriting Philips’ strong brand genes and word-of-mouth advantages, Philips Smart Locks makes efforts in the aspects of brand promotion, dealer support, upstream channel expansion and new product R&D without fear of the pandemic. It will attend CBD Fair (Guangzhou) with more than 500 square meters of booth as well as 3 new products, smart clothes dryers and safes. It is believed that Philips will definitely make the brand more popular and well-known in CBD Fair (Guangzhou) thanks to its good product quality and perfect after-sales service.

Zhang Yan, Vice General Manager of TATA

When I received the news that CBD Fair (Guangzhou) will take place as scheduled, which is the industry's first exhibition, I am full of confidence in the industry. Our participation plan has presently been determined, and the product deepening has been completed. TATA’s excellent terminal exhibition hall will be duplicated and presented during the exhibition. You are welcome to visit our booth and give valuable comments. Through CBD Fair (Guangzhou), the changes of various brands can be seen each year, which is very meaningful. It is believed that CBD Fair (Guangzhou) on July 8 will definitely take the industry to a new level.

Liu Zeqin, Vice President of Suofeiya

Suofeiya is a loyal follower of CBD Fair (Guangzhou) and will continue to participate with determination. In March 2020, Suofeiya upgraded its brand, positioning the brand as a cabinet customization expert, and has created its slogan: Suofeiya is a specialized cabinet customizer. It will take two new actions in this session: cooperation with professional brands to hold a brand launch as well as a new model launch. In the future, Suofeiya will continue to overcome difficulties with dealers, take the initiative to have an aggressive marketing campaign, constantly open up new tracks and actively seize the traffic entrance. We believe that structural growth is full of opportunities, and strategic growth is the future!

Liu Xiaomin, General Manager of China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation

We deeply feel the love and trust of the industry colleagues for CBD Fair (Guangzhou). As the first exhibition in the industry after the pandemic, we feel a sense of responsibility and mission. CBD Fair (Guangzhou) will play a role in the industry recovery and development after the pandemic from three aspects: the first aspect is the two focuses on the exhibition concepts: firstly, to truly reflect the current development of the industry and promote the current development according to the industry’s demands; secondly, to reflect and strive to promote and even lead the future development trend of the industry. The second aspect is to actively boost and empower the industry. The third aspect is to actively speak for the industry and seek more business opportunities. After all, the pandemic cannot obstruct the industry revival.


30 days of countdown starts to the opening for the CBD Fair (Guangzhou) 2020.

 See you in CBD Fair (Guangzhou) on July 8!