The 22nd CBD Fair (Guangzhou) Came to a Successful End!


Jointly hosted by China Foreign Trade Centre (Group) and China Building Decoration Association and supported by China National Forest Products Industry Association and China Furniture & Decoration Chamber of Commerce, the 22nd CBD Fair (Guangzhou) came to a successful end on July 11, 2020. With a scale of 300,000 square meters, the 22nd CBD Fair (Guangzhou) attracted nearly 1,600 exhibitors from 24 provinces (municipalities) across China, continuing to rank first among the domestic and global similar exhibitions in terms of scale, and saw better quality than the previous session in some aspects. More than 60 high-end conferences and forums were launched during the exhibition. There were 187,962 professional audiences.

It was attended by Gao Yuyue, Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou Municipal Government, Li Jinqi, Chairman of China Foreign Trade Centre (Group), Xu Bing, Vice President of China Foreign Trade Centre (Group) and Liu Chenhui, Director of Guangzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau.

The 22nd CBD Fair (Guangzhou) has received strong support from Guangzhou Municipal Government. During the preparation for the exhibition, Guangzhou Municipal Government attached great importance to the exhibition and held several special coordination meetings to study and deploy. Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, Guangzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau, the Health Commission of Guangzhou Municipality and Haizhu District Government jointly established Guangzhou Exhibitions Supervision Group for on-site overall coordination to ensure the successful exhibition.

According to the requirements of government departments at all levels for pandemic prevention and control for the exhibitions, CBD Fair (Guangzhou) formulated a strict pandemic prevention plan, strictly implemented the pandemic prevention requirements, and solidly performed the entire process of safety control and on-site service guarantee work to ensure the safe operation of the exhibition.

Before the exhibition and during the opening period, CBD Fair organized online live streams, online salons and online forums by creating a cloud exhibition, promote the Mini APPs, WeChat official account and service account of CBD Fair and vigorously carry out online audience real-name registration to facilitate online and offline integration of the exhibition.

The four-day exhibition saw exhibitors, chambers of commerce & associations, dealers, real estate developers, designers and media from all over China, jointly witnessing the first great event in the building decoration industry after the pandemic.

Let’s review the brilliant moments of the exhibition:

Crowded with Audiences

Negotiation | Fruitful Results

A Debut Platform for Champion Enterprises

New Products, New Designs, New Materials, New Technologies, New Strategies

Design | Create a Design Ecosystem in the Industry

Events | A Debut Platform for Innovative Ideas

Services | Green Exhibition, Intellectual Property

The 22nd CBD Fair (Guangzhou) is the first exhibition held at China Import & Export Fair Complex in the post-pandemic era. The successful exhibition has played an exemplary, leading role in the industry. CBD Fair (Guangzhou) is willing to take responsibility for the industry, continue to provide services to the industry, exhibitors and visitors in the post-epidemic era and work together with industry colleagues to push the “Start button” for the industry recovery and to push the “Accelerate button” for the industry development after the pandemic.

In the future, CBD Fair (Guangzhou) will continue to pursue its dream and make steady progress towards “the world’s number one exhibition in the building decoration industry”.